A new creation

Over the past few months I’ve been introduced to a new creation – me!   A fresh page in my book of life is begging to be written as I stretch my wings and morph into an unexpected being.  All my life I’ve cultivated a methodical and disciplined mind; initially in the sciences followed by non-profit management.  My world vision was linear supported by carefully harvested metrics while always trying to live into God’s purpose for me.

I am becoming an unimaginative me, perceiving and intersecting with a life-giving festival.  So what have I done? Since January I’ve been reimagining my body at the gym, using a stationary hand-cycle and migrating to the lake shore bike paths for the summer. I was invited by a friend to participate in a 5K Walk, Roll or Run event. Being clueless about such an event, I decided to be pleased with finishing.  Well I finished – 2nd place overall, 1st women to complete race and first in my age group.  Time 16 minutes and 49 seconds – not too bad!

I’ve developed an infatuation with Lake Michigan through sailing lessons, stretched my fledging flute forte by practicing with a violinist friend and this fall I will begin training as a volunteer hospital chaplain.

And the most revolutionarily change of all – writing!  In July I took a spiritual writing course, Beyond Walls, at Kenyon College and received an eruption of encouragement from my instructors.  A few weeks later I was asked to write a reflection on the water for a reunion of a retreat I attended last February.  I must say the response of the group was so positively powerful it made my wheelchair roll backwards!

So I’m starting a weekly blog to share my reflections on life as everything has become a protein for building my writing muscles.

I recently saw a poster that said, “If you knew who God made you to be, you’d never want to be anyone else!”  So what am I doing? Getting to know God’s newest piece of art.


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4 Responses to A new creation

  1. Bil Aulenbach says:

    Wow Toni…you have taken another step in leading your life to the fullest.
    Keep me posted in your journey.
    Peace Love Joy Hope
    Bil Aulenbach


  2. John Doyhkas says:

    John Douglas here. Glad to see this. A strange time for me. Would like to follow your posts regularly.


  3. Charles Thomas says:

    Just finding your blog and this message is what I need to hear!


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