An invitation

I recently visited a friend who has a scrumptious five year old child made of “snips and snails and puppy dog tails”.  When I entered the house his eyes were fixed on me and his urgent and eager voice was ready to share with me everything about his world. That afternoon he would attend the birthday party of a neighbor friend who was “made of sugar and spice and everything nice”, would go to visit his granny on the east coast in a couple of days, kindergarten awaited him in a week AND he had a loose tooth – right in front of his captivating smile. My favorite eavesdropping moment was this,“ Mama did you text the Tooth Fairy to tell her my tooth is loose?” His mom assured him the Tooth Fairy was on stand-by.

His energy bounced him off the walls as he demonstrates his American Ninja Warrior moves for me, and when he slowed down, I was invited to watch a video of the Paw Patrol. He was totally open about his life and invited me to live it with him.

So my little friend made me wonder, how often we invite God into our lives.  Yes, God knows all and sees all but our relationship with God is a two-way street. How often is our energy so tied up in our multi-tasking, skyscraper achieving world, that we are bouncing like a ping-pong ball not being still long enough to become one with our creator?

A young Jewish friend of mine graced my home with her presence for a couple of days.  The first morning at breakfast I asked if she would bless the food.  She said, “It’s been so long since I’ve done this, I’m not sure what to say.”  I replied, “Just say thanks.”  The second morning I once again offered her the opportunity to say grace and she took flight like a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis, gracefully gliding through the prayer with praise riding on one wing and thanksgiving on the other.   The knee of my heart knelt into a position of adoration as I listened to her pray – I was blessed. She later remarked, “It’s a good thing to stop and thank God.”  I agreed.

Maybe we just need an invitation to open up to God. And once we get started, like my two young friends, we will become infectious.  I invite you to search for a few minutes a day to thank God, to lift your heart and hands in praise and make God a living presence in your life.

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