Weaving webs

Autumnal days are easing their way into my morning routine.  My date with the sunrise requires a warmer pair of pajamas accompanied by a steaming cup of tea as I’m amused by a new activity – watching spiders weave their silky designs.  My new friends seem to be as comfortable on the windows of my high rise condo as they are among the roses that catch the morning dew.  I’ve noticed time seems accountable to no one as the construction of the silky lattice takes form offering protection for the spiders’ bodies and eggs, and a sticky snare to draw in their prey.

I was wondering what life would be like if we were as tenacious about building a web that would hold life-giving moments as my morning companions are about catching their prey.  We could prey and capture the daily blessings we inherit as beloved children of God.   The sun bursting through the clouds in the morning as it trades places with the moon, the sheer joy of a giggling baby, the soothing melody of a familiar tune, a hug from someone who adores us or a cup of steaming hot tea when our spirits are low.  What spiritual nourishment, could we receive from snacking on these tidbits throughout the day, knowing that a banquet featuring the bread of life awaits us as we deepen our relationship with God?

What if we prayed for God to open our hearts, minds and spirits to all of creation taking time to introduce a new menu of delectable moments of grace? Spinning our strong yet flexible silky webs of kind words, non-judgmental thoughts, lend a hand to an unsuspecting stranger or offer a brilliant smile to a down-trodden frown.

After recently bidding, “Namaste” to my yoga classmates I noted two messages on my cell phone.  Within one hour two separate entities informed me I had to shell out unexpected money. “You’ve got to be kidding God!  I’m meticulously watching my budget and even have a little aside for emergencies.  But these sums exceeded my reserve!!”  So much for floating in the sea of tranquility !  By the time I got home I felt my baseline joy being eroded.  So I started looking for a web.  Something I could spin to protect my soul and recapture the joy that keeps me afloat from day–to-day. I was hungry for spiritual nourishment.  I decided to practice my flute with comforting hymns from my childhood. So I cracked open Lift Every Voice and Sing, the Episcopal Church’s African American collection, and marinated in “God is so good”, “Give me Jesus” and “Lift Every Voice and Sing”.  I not only needed to lift my voice, I needed to lift my heart and shed the non-life giving cloak  wrapping around me.  Within an hour I felt lighter, resurrected out of my gloomy past few hours and ready to manage these new financial challenges.

After some investigation it turns out the larger of the two was actually someone else’s responsibility – whew!  And the second may work out to be not as expensive as previously thought.  But even if the money was not readily resolved, I was determined to hold on to my joy.  These types of episodes remind me not to let myself be shaken by the slightest tremor and to continue to spin a web that will hold the nourishing love of God we all so desperately need.

Imagine our lives as we prey after the goodness of God and pray for the occasions to share this simple meal with others.

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One Response to Weaving webs

  1. Dave Jarvis says:

    Love those songs! I’m weaving a web of songs … when all else is gone, I’ll still hear those.

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