Training for SkyRise

I’ve started my third week of training for SkyRise, the planet’s tallest indoor stair climb event benefiting the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), where I receive rehab support and attend the fitness center.  I’m able to participate in various adaptive sports through RIC including sailing and hand cycling.  I know I’m pretty strong but I’ll be testing my upper-body strength in the hand cycle category using a stationary hand cycle calibrated for resistance and time to match the 103-floor stair climbing experience at the Willis (aka the Sears) Tower.

So I have a coach, or should I say drill sergeant, who keeps tabs on my energy output always asking for a little bit more.   I’m not only pushing my hand-cycle for a minimum of an hour three days a week, I’m also challenging my muscles on the strength training (weights) machines and starting a new, yes restrictive, diet.  Although I’ve always, in my estimation, been a healthy eater – training has taken it to a whole new level.  My epicurean moments are now filled with vegetables of every hue, atmospherically high protein and grains, nuts and anything considered a complex carbohydrates.  I’m never hungry, yearning for my next meal and overall I’m satisfied.  “Carbo-loading” is now a phase which I’ve grown some affection.  This concept entails using carbs as a power source, fueling my body an hour before the workout.  My carb of choice is a cup of oatmeal. It seems to be working as I power through the multiple mile challenge feeling the completion of the course is totally possible.    So far so good – but it’s only been two week!

Last Tuesday afternoon having completed a sweat dripping workout, I attended my meditation class and quickly slipped into a peaceful mode.  I was surprised as I usually the thoughts of the day and what I need to do tomorrow poke at my impending solitude, taking me several minutes if ever, to find that tranquil spot.  In debriefing this incredibly nourishing time, I had an “AhHa moment”.  I’ve always heard there is a body, mind and spirit connection and now I was experiencing it.  Who knew!  Of course now I want more of it and will have to contemplate a way to make it happen.

So on All Saints’ Sunday, November 6th, I will be rising to the sky and thinking of the communion of saints, those gone before me and those here on earth, as I bring my mind, soul, and body together to support a good cause.

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up as a sponsor!  You still have time to do so.  Just click this link

My participant name is: Antoinette (Toni) Daniels

Goal: $1,500.00




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One Response to Training for SkyRise

  1. John Douglas says:

    ” . . . atmospherically high protein . . . ” made me chuckle out loud. Sweet!


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