Let’s hold our heads high

I missed posting my blog last week because I was with a beloved friend whose husband died.  I was humbled when my sister in Christ asked me to sit with her during the funeral service.  I knew I would be in an area that as a whole responded differently than I did to the presidential election.  With that in mind and remembering my primary purpose was to support my friend, I began praying that if the election surfaced in a conversation I would seek God’s grace in conversing with my siblings in Christ.

There were several people lodging in her home which gave me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with people I hadn’t seen in thirty-three years.  One was a Renaissance man who was able to response to computer glitches, change a water filter, and on Sunday morning and when the ignition switch malfunctioned on my scooter (an impending disaster for me) enlisted the assistance of his brother to unravel the wires and make the repair.  Grateful does not begin to express my response to the care these men gave me.

The Renaissance man and I had several occasions to travel in the car giving us time to update each other on the years gone by.  Ultimately one of our conversations turned to the election results.  I said I was truly interested in why someone would vote for Trump.  He passed his cell phone to me which listed links to articles about freedom of religion.  He said, “I don’t want homosexuals crammed down my throat!”  I responded, “Well if you don’t want them at your church they certain won’t come if you’re not welcoming.  And if you are concerned about business owners refusing service to gays because they feel is against their religion, I have to say I can’t agree with that.  Remember you’re talking with a person who was denied medical treatment at not one but two hospitals when I contracted polio.  I can’t refuse people service.  And as I think about it, Jesus never refused any one.  And the one time he tried, the woman who was asking for her daughter to be healed held him accountable for being the Son of God, stating even the dog eat the crumbs under the table.  And Jesus healed her daughter.

When we departed the next morning he gave me a bear hug and said he would think about our conversation.  I certainly have replayed it in my heart and mind.

Pulling our heads out of the sand where we only talk with people who agree with our opinions is essential.  We must hold our heads high and see the world for what it is – God’s diverse creation.

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