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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about “presence” and the various forms it takes. When I participated with 200,000 people in the Women March last week, we made our presence known in Chicago, along with women all over the world … Continue reading

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And so we marched

Yesterday I participated in the Women’s March in Chicago.  I said march but we actually just rallied in place as this unseasonably, fifty degree,  January day swelled from the expected attendance of fifty thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand. … Continue reading

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Who are your friends?

I just finished reading a story in the Gospel of Mark(2:16), where Jesus is visiting a home and so many people come to see him that the house becomes a fire hazard because even the front door is blocked.  Four … Continue reading

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I’m making an investment

I just heard an interview on a morning talk show about saving for your retirement and making good investments.  Mostly what they said was that the average American can’t afford to retire. I think the average American can do whatever … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

2016 was an incredible mix of high-lights, low-lights and lights that provided just enough of a glow to take the next step in this phenomenal journey called life.  Each step has provided the foundation for the next. And the quite … Continue reading

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