It’s raining Manna!

I think it’s easy to forget that one of God’s characteristic is faithfulness.  The Israelites experienced it when they were roaming in the wilderness, lost for forty years, looking for the promise land.  They were discouraged and were about to go hungry when God rained manna on them.  Now the tricky thing about manna is it’s only good for one day.  When they tried to store it, it molded.  They couldn’t plant it – it wouldn’t grow.

This was a real test of faith.  It was there yesterday, they had manna for the day, but what about tomorrow?

Studying theology is a huge shift from my previous educational endeavors.  The amount of reading (I’m not a fast reader or effective scanner) takes a tremendous amount of time.  And God has blessed me with the time to do the work.  And I praise God for every hour.

One interesting thing about studying theology is the ability to offer constructive criticism on various themes. Whoa – big brain shift for me!  I was actually wondering if I had the ability to do this type of critical thinking.  Then I received a phone call from a former colleague who expressed how much she missed working with me; especially the analytical questions, she said I always made her think.  Manna – just what I needed that day, an uplifting word reminding me I have all I need for the journey.

Where is the manna in your life? I encourage you to look for the daily portion that helps you make it though the day.  You might also want to joyfully look for tomorrow’s serving.

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