Shut My Mouth!

I always like to make declarative statements about where I’m going and what I’m going to do.  But I’ve discovered that my ideas are often not the direction God has in mind of me.  In my Introduction to Theology and Ministry course I’m reading a book, Faith Seeking Understanding by Daniel Migliore, were he speaks of the personification of God and how we get to know another person through their patterns (habits).  One of God’s habits that I’ve become intimately acquainted with is God’s fidelity in reaching goals in surprising ways.  My life has been one surprise after another.

For many years I held positions that required extensive travel.  The one thing the person who booked my travel knew was I didn’t want change planes in Chicago. I felt O’Hare Airport was big, congested, and the weather in Chicago was so unpredictable I could easily miss my connecting flight or get stuck there for the night.  As far as I was concerned, Chicago – O’Hare was in my “no fly zone.”

Well we see what happened – I now live in Chicago.  Not only do I fly in and out of O’Hare Airport but most times it’s my only option!  I’ve tried to get around it by using Midway Airport, but the flights don’t  go where I want to go.

For twenty-two years, it’s been my plea, fervent pray, not to become interested in anything that would require me to return to school.  While I enjoy learning, I was not interested in the rigors of another graduate program.  And what am I doing?  Pursuing a degree a Masters in Pastoral Studies.

So my new discipline is to shut my mouth to making declarative decrees – uh oh, I think I just made one!  OK, I will seek to minimize making declarative decrees and continue to open my heart to the God’s steadfast love so graciously and freely given to me, and stay tuned for the surprises.






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