This past week someone had the 40 million dollar winning Lotto ticket – AWESOME!!  But was this a blessing?  Well, I think that depends on the person. Many times we focus on the major occurrences in our lives as blessings; finding the right career, home, friend or lifelong partner.  While these are amazing gifts from God, we also equally receive the blessings of a glorious sunrise, the ability to breathe, feeling the rhythm of a jazz quartet, having your spirits lifted by your favorite tune, a warm smile from a stranger or one more day with an aging parent.  Daily we are showered with an unbelievable number of gracious gifts from God.  And yet they are easily overlooked.

How we respond to the multitude of blessings God bestows on us is our choice.  Do we see them?  Are we aware of them?  Are we even open to the possibility that they exist?  We have the freedom to receive the love God shows us or reject it.

I think we forget we are in a relationship with God in which can take what God is offering us or turn a blind eye to it.  It’s amazing how much of life we can control.  We can learn to embrace life and all it has to offer.  Discover the aspects we want to fine tune, for instance, what helps us to control your temper? Can we come to understand the root of impatience is the fear of scarcity? Or perhaps just keep in mind that a kind word to someone can become their daily blessing.

The day to day occurrences in life can be a blessing or curse. Many people who win lotteries file for bankruptcy within five years.  They are overwhelmed not only with the money but what they think money can buy them.  It certainly can’t buy happiness, but they put their trust in money instead of God.

This week we begin the forty days of Lent.  Will we overlook the blessings God gives or take on the discipline of being open them?  It’s your choice.


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