A princess in the kingdom

There are times when my faith is not as strong than others, and I require spiritual encouragement.  I’ve read through the scriptures and looked up a lot of prayers on line, and of course the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer for support.  These prayers reveal God’s love for me and assurance of life in God’s Kingdom.  To be honest, sometimes I feel like a princess (child of God) in the kingdom remembering whose I am and who I am; and other times like a foster child living in the kingdom but not adopted. I’m sure there are theologians that disagree with being a “princess,” but these are my thoughts and feelings.

While studying last semester I learned that the best way for me to remember something is to write it down.  So in order to align my feelings with the reality of God’s love, I’ve decided I need to practice writing my own prayers that are inspired by other prayers, scripture and the Holy Spirit.  As short as they may be, these prayers will remind me that I’m a full fledged member of the body of Christ, a child of the living God and yes, a princess in the kingdom. I’m clear that these prayers don’t need to be eloquent, just heartfelt.

O God, I come to you with shaking knees and a quivering faith about the uncertainties of life.  Create in me a heart filled with the assurance of your love and renew a spirit of hope within me. Give me the peace and patience that surpasses all understanding as I seek your timing and direction for my life. Thank you for being a bottomless well from which I can take a sip or dive into, refreshing my strength for each journey. 

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One Response to A princess in the kingdom

  1. joyshimmers says:

    AMAZING!! ✨🙏


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