More of God and less of me

Of one thing I’m certain as I start Clinical Pastoral Education is that I am present to comfort the patient.  It’s all about the patient.  Not what I might think about how and why they are in the hospital or what their faith tradition might be; or whether or not they have a tradition.  There is something quite freeing about not judging people or making assumptions and yet so very hard to do.

This reminder of how to live life is on the bookcase of the Clinical Pastoral Education library.

Dream more

Complain less

Listen more

Talk less

Love more

Argue less

Hope more

Fear less

Relax more

Worry less

Believe more

Doubt less

Play more

Work less


It brought to mind the self-reflective work I’ve been doing a round John 3:30, “He [God] must become greater; I must become less.”  I notice the tension between more and less are great examples of how I can portray God’s love in my everyday life. It’s hard to remember these suggestions, because as with all things “God” we are asked to do the opposite of what comes naturally.  I feel as though I should have these thoughts tattooed on the inside of my eyelids so I’m reminded of them every time I blink!  So I’ve decided that I wander the halls of the hospital this summer this reminder will become my summer mantra as I share more of God and less of me.

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