On Call

It was wonderful to receive and email from a friend letting me know he missed seeing my blog last week.  It all boiled down to me running out of time.  Yes, there are twenty-four hours in a day but sometimes it not enough.

Last week I had two “on call” shifts; one was twenty-four hours and the other twelve hours.  I was worried that I would struggle with the twenty-four hour call because I not only would have been responding to pastoral needs all night but I also had a class the next morning!  So I called my prayer warriors (five amazing women in my life) and wore my mustard seed pin (a small global pin with a mustard seed suspended in glycerin), and asked God to go before me as I entered every situation.  I sat and prayed with families who had just lost a loved one; blessed stem cells as they gave new life to one living with cancer and asked God for words of comfort for those facing life’s challenges.  I was exhausted by Sunday night and sleep was the only thing I looked forward to.

After some distance from the experience, I thought, “God is always on call, present and ready to respond to our every need and concern.”  Having spent hours being ready to respond to heartbreaks, losses of physical and mental abilities, and sitting with someone as they watch their loved one slip away; I know our God is indeed awesome. Just think, God is “on call” twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, never getting too tired to respond to the next request or need.  Not that I am comparing my last week with anything God has done, but I have a small inkling.

As you receive this blog, I just finished another twelve hour shift and prepare for a twenty-four hour one on Thursday.  I ask you to hold me in your prayers as I act as a conduit of God’s love and mercy and providing comfort for those who suffer.

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