From this world to the next

One of the things about working in a hospital is that you see people from all walks of life encountering the stresses of life.  Grace is an attribute that has nothing to do with socio-economic status or education.  It comes with knowing you’ve done the best you can in life and loving those who surround you on your death bed.  We will all come to that moment, and I can only pray that I will have people who will want to be with me at that time.

Loving someone as they pass from this world to the next is an honor and a joy.  I’ve watched several families this week do exactly that.  Provide a loving environment for their beloved family member to slip from their warm embrace into God’s open arms.  Holding the knowledge that their loved one has entered a place where there is no more pain or sorrow, but everlasting joy, provides comfort.  Of course the family members are mourning the fact that they no longer have a day-to-day relationship with the person who has passed on.  And that can leave one feeling lonely, especially if it is a spouse of many years.   Never having been married, I can’t speak to that kind of loss, and everyone’s experience is different.  But having lost all of my nuclear family by the time I was 42 years old, I know that deep sense of loss.  And I also know that I can turn to Jesus for comfort.  God knows the empty places in my heart and fills them by deepening my relationship with God, which allows me to enter into a new level of relationships with new and old friends.

It’s important to remember what you know.

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